Horrible chemical smell, embroidered cloth

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Post Mon, Feb 15 2021, 1:31 pm
So I bought four lovely, heavy, embroidered, woven style mitpachot online.
They are really beautiful - but they smell!!! Like the stuff that comes out of the waste pipe of a Chinese chemical plant during an illegal dump after midnight. A really bad, pungent chemical smell.
How do I get rid of that?
They are woven and according to the label, handwash only. I already despaired and put 2 of them into the washing machine anyway, short and gentle cycle. 4 times in a row. The cloth survived it but so did the smell.

I can't wear them like that. Just breathing it in for a few moments gives me a scratchy throat. Whatever it is, it's probably very unhealthy/carcinogenic/neurotoxic - you name it..
What does one do?
I don't want to just perfume it over, I want those chemicals out, but ideally without shredding or ruining the cloth and the colors. Any ideas?
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Post Mon, Feb 15 2021, 4:30 pm
You can try airing them out for a few days but honestly ime, you will probably have to throw them out.
I have found this certain cheap clothing brands manufactured in Chinese factories, so I try to avoid buying those anymore.
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