If you keep cholov yisroel...
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Post Wed, Feb 17 2021, 8:39 am
amother [ Beige ] wrote:
I do eat by some ppl that eat chalav stam but truthfully it's my siblings and I wouldn't want to be machmir in such a case.
Op it's not a black and white answer. It's a chumra not to. It depends on scenario.
If you're not sure, ask a rav!

I second the general idea.
I would clarify though, it was once explained to me an interesting way, that was not my understand of CY. One said CY isn't exactly a chumra, there are those that paskin/ feel stam IS traif which is why they are so makpid on not using the kellim, and those that think CY is better/ the ideal ( a chumra), but hold that stam is still kosher.
These are 2 very different views but I think it is part of the confusion!

My short of it?

if you are asking about cooking for someone else-- better safe than sorry, but if they are someone you know well-- ask (someone suggested fliesg-- but the shitah? that is a whole other issue!)

personally I only have CY in the house but will eat pareve with stam eq if traveling and caught without food/ many kosher options, and pareve or CY from the house of someone I know who I respect their religiosity and kashrus in general in their stam pots.

if you are trying to decided what works for you/ your family, think about your feelings on it, ask your husband, and especially if you together are not sure, ask a rav to help you.
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Post Wed, Feb 17 2021, 8:41 am
amother [ Wheat ] wrote:
I wouldn't eat anything cooked out of your chalav Stam kitchen. Obviously it's not treif but I still wouldn't.

OP--- is this for Purim MM?
Wheat's post just highlights the many different opinions!
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Post Wed, Feb 17 2021, 6:08 pm
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Post Thu, Feb 18 2021, 5:53 am
yes. (we eat over at my sister in law who dont keep)
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Post Thu, Feb 18 2021, 5:57 am
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