Covid vaccine - Are people aware? pregnancy and nursing
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Post Mon, Feb 22 2021, 11:27 pm
amother [ Powderblue ] wrote:
[False, insensitive post removed. ~mod]

This made me both angry and laugh at the same time

This whole story is true, if you need names I will gladly send you
He talked on the news here in israel
I can send you some clips how her children cry for their mother

So this nonsence you believe in 1 second?!
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Post Tue, Feb 23 2021, 4:07 am
amother [ Powderblue ] wrote:
Plenty of daas Torah is against the vaccine. Including a psak I read that halachically, since there is a risk that the vaccine can cause harm, one may not intentionally take on that risk by getting the vaccine. Eta psak was from R' Vosner

R’ Wosner is known to be anti vax. As was his father Z”l who passed away from covid after being taken to a grandchild’s wedding two weeks earlier. He suffered from dementia. He didn’t need to be taken to the wedding.
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