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Post Thu, Feb 25 2021, 12:31 pm

I wanted to start some Purim festivity here.
Do you know of an interesting commentary on the Magillah? Know a nice Purim story? Please share!
I'll start with this Torah.


We know that the miracle of Purim was Al Derech Hatevah-the events seemed natural. Coincidental.
But, of course, there were things going on behind the scenes...
In fact, there are clues all over the Magillah!!

Whenever the Magulla says "Achar Hadvarim Haayla (after these events)", it's putting us on notice. Heads up!!! Something is happening here.....things are about to get....strange.

One of these "Achar Hadvarims" is written in Perek/Ch 2.

"And after these events, Achashveirosh promoted Haman above all other ministers and princes of the land. Everyone knelt to Haman."

So!! What happened here? What's the big mystery?

Well....let's go back. What happened right before this?

Achasveirosh hung two traitors who wanted to kill him. Bigson and Seresh. But the question is--why did they want to kill the king? And--how did Mordechai come to overhear them plotting their dastardly deeds?

The Magillah tells us the answer: "And Moredechai sat at the king's gate".
Simply put...we had a workplace dispute on our hands....
Mordechai, a newcomer, was given his position by Achashveirosh. He was promoted above Bigson and Seresh, forcing them to STAND while Mordechai SAT.
Well. Bigson and Seresh did not like this one tiny bit. And in protest? They plotted to kill the king!!
Mordechai, their supervisor, overheard their evil schemes. He quickly told Esther. Esther informed the king. The traitors were hung. The king was safe again!! And Mordechai's good deeds were recorded in the book of remembrance.

And right after all this-- what does Achashveirosh do?
He promotes Haman. The youngest of his ministers. Above all other ministers and princes in the land. Forcing everyone to kneel to Haman.
Just after having such a close miss too......Some people never learn, I guess.
But, after all, we all know who the true King is, and who really orchestrated it all Smile


Frieliechen Purim!!!

וּמָ רְ דֳּכַ י יוֹ שֵׁ בבְּ שַׁ עַ ר-
הַ מֶּ לֶ ךְ ; קָ צַ ף בִּ גְ תָ ן וָתֶ רֶ שׁ שְׁ נֵי-סָ רִ יסֵ י הַ מֶּ לֶ ךְ ,
מִ שֹּׁ מְ רֵ י הַ סַּ ף, וַיְ בַ קְ שׁוּ לִ שְׁ לֹ חַ יָד, בַּ מֶּ לֶ ךְ
אֲ חַ שְׁ וֵרֹ שׁ. כב וַיִּ וָּדַ ע הַ דָּ בָ ר לְ מָ רְ דֳּ כַ י, וַיַּגֵּד
לְ אֶ סְ תֵּ ר הַ מַּ לְ כָּ ה; וַתֹּ אמֶ ר אֶ סְ תֵּ ר לַ מֶּ לֶ ךְ , בְּ שֵׁ ם
מָ רְ דֳּ כָ י. כג וַיְ בֻ קַּ שׁ הַ דָּ בָ ר וַיִּ מָּ צֵ א, וַיִּ תָּ לוּ
שְׁ נֵיהֶ ם עַ ל-עֵ ץ; וַיִּ כָּ תֵ ב, בְּ סֵ פֶ ר דִּ בְ רֵ י הַ יָּמִ ים--
לִ פְ נֵיהַ מֶּ לֶ ךְ .
א אַ חַ ר הַ דְּ בָ רִ ים הָ אֵ לֶּ ה, גִּ דַּ ל הַ מֶּ לֶ ךְ
אֲ חַ שְׁ וֵרוֹ שׁ אֶ ת-הָ מָ ן בֶּ ן-הַ מְּ דָ תָ א הָ אֲ גָ גִ י--
וַיְ נַשְּׂ אֵ הוּ;
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