How much did you spend on purim
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Post Fri, Feb 26 2021, 10:06 am
it's so community specific though. We are giving out very simple shaloch manos. We have been getting back the same so for our community this is "normal"

When I moved to this community I asked a friend here about tips. very fancy for teachers... and she didn't seem to think that it was necessary at all. I know in other communities these things are standard.
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Post Fri, Feb 26 2021, 1:13 pm
MM for $500
kids MM was around $50 total
Costumes I reused but bought some flowers for $20
Tips for teachers and rebbis $500
My husband sends business MM but that has nothing to do with me. He also gives money to our Rebbe and he likes to give money to mobiles.
I gave my own personal matanos levyonim totaling $100
So, around $1,200 for me
I'm very thrifty and frugal (ie don't buy new clothing and wear stuff from 10 years ago) so this was necessary.
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Post Fri, Feb 26 2021, 4:21 pm
$250 for matonos l'evyonim.
about $50 for MM more or less for about a dozen packages, not counting some things from my pantry. Zero spent on packaging, all of which was "upcycled" ranging from fancy shopping bags from MM and gifts received in past years to clear clamshell containers from baked goods and salads.
Zero spent on costumes, everything made from materials we had on hand, most of them upcycled from other things or bought long ago and reused for different costumes over and over.

It's good to know the holiday of Purim will be celebrated forever, because it's hands down my favorite one.
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Post Sat, Feb 27 2021, 10:20 pm
$40-75 MM
$15-supplies for 3 costumes
$10-for the one who read the megillah
$6-paper goods for seuda

Matanos levyonim-I don't consider tzedakah a cost, so not counting it.

Seuda-used from what I had in the house and what we got in MM
Never tip teachers, never heard of it except here on imamother.

Total: $71
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Post Sun, Feb 28 2021, 8:47 am
Mishloach Manot - 60 shekels (on bags and ingredients that we had some at home and some I had to buy)
Seuda - 100 shekels
We dont go overboard. Simple. And with covid, everything was scaled down quite a lot.
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Post Sun, Feb 28 2021, 8:58 am
Tips for kids rebbes- $500

Only made a few inexpensive MM so dh can give (I'm in year) -$30 approx

Kids MM- $100 approx

Wine we had at home, didn't buy new ones.

Costumes $150 approx

Not sure how much we spent on matanos l'evyonim/purim gelt etc.
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Post Sun, Feb 28 2021, 9:56 am
Costumes and mm together less than $100
Tips for 2 kids’ rebbes less than $300
Withdrew $100 in singles for tzedaka

Total approx $500
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