S/o teacher shaloch manos, male/female equality

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Post Sun, Feb 28 2021, 11:21 am
...Just to put this out here - we don’t treat our Morahs and our Rebbes the same.... Considering the pay disparity, the resentment can easily build. That Morah is breaking her back taking care of kids but we never consider her contribution equal to a Rebbe at any age...

My husband is a Rebbi OOT and he really was concerned when he found out there was a pay disparity between himself and the Moros of the same age group in the same school. He really was trying to understand the difference between their roles and how it could possibly be fair. Moros and Rabbeim both prepare material, manage a classroom, and look after the well-being of their students.

After looking into it for a while he found a reason that really did make sense and I’m curious to hear your thoughts. In our school (and obviously this may not be the same everywhere) only the boys have school on sundays and legal holidays. At those times the boys only learn Judaic subjects. Therefore only the boys Hebrew teachers, aka the Rabbeim are teaching on those days. He counted up the days and it amounted to teaching an additional ~20% more days, which is pretty equivalent to the salary difference.

What are your thoughts?
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Post Sun, Feb 28 2021, 11:54 am
Rebbeim usually teach more hours per day than teachers do. Rebbeim also teach more days per year than teachers do.
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