Ceramic Tile, Vinyl, Hardwood for main living area

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Post Tue, Mar 02 2021, 1:09 pm
We are doing over the main living area of the house and I would like opinions on flooring.

Vinyl is the cheapest by a few thousand dollars cuz it can just be installed over the current floor. There is zero maintenance required but if only lasts around ten years and then has to be replaced.

Hardwood. Is the most expensive yet the nicest but it requires maintenance. This is the main living area of my house and I have kids who will be playing area and I don't want to be upset when it ruined. It does last forever though and can always be refinished.

Ceramic Tile requires zero maintenance and lasts forever but its not coming in significantly cheaper than the Hardwood and Hardwood is timeless as far as style because you can always stain a different color. I know ceramic tile floors can be cold but my current floor is ceramic and I have no issue with that so thats not a factor in my decision here.

Engineered Hardwood. The labor is the same as the vinyl so that comes out cheap. It has the look and maintenance requirements of hardwood but it can only be refinished once or twice and than you have to replace.
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Post Tue, Mar 02 2021, 1:15 pm
I would do tile.
Hardwood gets scratched etc and you have to refinish it often
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Post Tue, Mar 02 2021, 1:17 pm
I have ceramic tile (came with the house) in kitchen, foyer, and hallways and there are cracks in the tile all over the place.

I have hardwood in my dining room that needs to be scraped.

I think if I did flooring one day (living room and family room are carpeted) I would do hardwood. Which means that's gonna take a long time (to budget) but I think would be worth it.
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Post Tue, Mar 02 2021, 1:18 pm
I did tile (wood look). I'm very happy. The one chisaron is that it's very hard, if a glass falls it breaks, if the baby falls down it hurts. But it's so hardy, so easy to clean. No worries about scratches.
I do have underfloor heating, so it's actually warm, but you said that's not a worry for you
My mother had wood in her kitchen, and I saw how much work that was to maintain, I said I would never do that.
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Post Tue, Mar 02 2021, 1:20 pm
Chayalle wrote:
I have ceramic tile (came with the house) in kitchen, foyer, and hallways and there are cracks in the tile all over the place.

I think there are also different qualities of tile, some crack more easily
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Post Tue, Mar 02 2021, 1:22 pm
I like the hardwood look and I think it pays for itself.
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Post Tue, Mar 02 2021, 1:27 pm
something to consider:
tile is hard on the joints I wouldn't do it in areas that I would be walking around a lot in.
practicality aside I like the look of wood with a rug over it
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Post Tue, Mar 02 2021, 2:08 pm
I agree with the above poster that ceramic is hard on your joints and you need to think about your kids falling chas ve'shalom. Wood looks beautiful when it's new, but it scratches so easily and then it doesn't look nice. Kids are kids, so you have to assume it's going to get scratched. I know you mentioned you can fix it, but in reality, how often do you think you'll end up doing that? My hallway has wood that's scratched and it looks awful. We don't want to resand it because (a) is expense, (b) it discolors the molding which means I'll have to repaint it, and (c) the chemicals they use smell awful and I don't want my family living with that. I have vinyl in my other rooms. It looks like wood. Most people, even professionals, think it's wood. It's very easy to maintain and I'm very happy with it. Good luck. May you have much nachas with whatever you choose.
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Post Tue, Mar 02 2021, 2:23 pm
I have ceramic tile in my kitchen. Its extremely hard on my joints and it is super painful if you slip and fall which has happened to me a few times and my kids learning to walk a lot more. I would not want tile for my whole house.

We have hardwood in the living and dining room that also doubles as the playroom and it has taken a beating. I am leaving it be because I want to finish my basement into a playroom and I hope once they mostly play down there I can refinish the floors and it will stay a lot nicer. If I did not have that option and that room stayed super high traffic forever I would do vinyl that looks like wood.
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Post Tue, Mar 02 2021, 2:44 pm
I'm thinking about redoing our floors as well. I'm going for vinyl as aside from the price being lower, it's so much easier to maintain. A good quality vinyl looks like wood, but doesn't have the hassle of needing constant care. I'm too scared of tile floors as my kids are the adventurous type and have landed in the emergency room too many times as it is. Also all the houses I've seen, their tiles have cracked over time and it doesn't look great and it's much too hard to change.
So in 10 years, if the vinyl needs replacing, I can replace it without too much difficulty.
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Post Tue, Mar 02 2021, 3:03 pm
For most people, engineered wood and solid hardwood are the same. In your lifetime, you are unlikely to refinish a floor twice - let alone more than twice. In some circumstances, depending on climate, engineered hardwood will perform better. Not all engineered hardwood is the same quality - there are differences in the wear layer (which affects how many times it can be finished) as well as the finish - higher quality floors have more durable finishes. And keep in mind that solid hardwood can be factory finished or finished on site.

Not all time is created equally either. Ceramic tile is less durable than porcelain tile because the color doesn't go all the way through and it is more prone to chipping and cracking than porcelain tile. And as others have pointed out, even though tile is durable, it has disadvantages - it is cold, hard on feet and acoustically can be echoey.

Vinyl flooring is less expensive but probably least desirable especially if you own a home and want to resell at some point. Hardwood floors are a selling point - vinyl floors not so much.
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Post Tue, Mar 02 2021, 3:07 pm
I'd get linoleum for many of the reasons posted here. The advantage over vinyl is that it's a little softer, less chemicals, better for the environment, and naturally antibacterial.

I hate the idea of falling on a hard unforgiving floor, and my kids fall plenty!
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