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Post Tue, Mar 02 2021, 11:56 am
Inspired by 6ofwands post in the pesach thread, do you have any fun historical recipes?

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Post Tue, Mar 02 2021, 11:58 am
This is from the first kosher cookbook in english, by Judith Montefiore. (google it, its online)

Half boil a well-cleaned calf's head, then cut off all the meat in small square pieces, and break the bones; return it to the stew-pan, with some good stock made of beef and veal; dredge in flour, add fried shalot, pepper, parsley, tarragon, a little mushroom ketchup, and a pint of white wine; simmer gently until the meat is perfectly soft and tender. Balls of force-meat, and egg-balls, should be put in a short time before serving; the juice of a lemon is considered an improvement.
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Post Tue, Mar 02 2021, 12:32 pm
Raisin wrote:
Inspired by 6ofwands post in the pesach thread, do you have any fun historical recipes?


This is one version of the entire booklet:


Somewhere, I have a Jewish cookbook given to my mother when she first married in the 1950s. I'll see if I can find it later.
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Post Tue, Mar 02 2021, 12:37 pm
I love Medieval cooking! Only the very richest people served meat and dairy at the same meal. Everyone else kept them pretty separate. Depending on where they lived, they ate meat, chicken, or fish in small amounts, and lots of green veggies. Wild harvesting was a big thing. (Check the Penniless Parenting blog for a great field guide to foraging.)

People ate hard cheeses with bread and dried fruit for lunch usually, especially if they were out in the field or traveling.

YouTube has plenty of historical cooking channels that keep me up WAY too late at night! πŸ·πŸ—πŸ₯—
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Post Tue, Mar 02 2021, 1:21 pm
Some more victorian recipes. Surprised

Peel and cut in thick slices, one or more fresh cucumbers, fry them until brown in a little butter, or clarified fat, then add to them a little strong beef gravy, pepper, salt, and a spoonful of vinegar; some cooks add a chopped onion browned with the cucumbers.

* * * * *

Take out the seeds of some fresh young cucumbers, quarter them, and cut them into pieces of two inch lengths, let them lay for an hour in vinegar and water, then simmer them till thoroughly soft, in a veal broth seasoned with pepper, salt, and a little lemon juice; when ready for serving, pour off the gravy and thicken it with the yolks of a couple of eggs stirred in, add it to the saucepan; warm up, taking care that it does not curdle.
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Post Tue, Mar 02 2021, 1:54 pm
That whole book is awesome! Thanks for telling us about it, Raisin.
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Post Tue, Mar 02 2021, 2:27 pm
There are three old cookbooks that were published by different settlement houses at the turn of the century to help the immigrants adjust. The one put out by the Milwaukee Settlement House was geared towards Jewish women and featured Jewish recipes as well as American recipes. For years it was the cookbook given to Jewish brides. My grandmother had a copy that was splattered and falling apart. It was called The Way To A Man’s Heart. How anachronistic is that sentiment. I love reading it as such a look into how families ate and lived in that era. My great grandmother had no cookbooks and used no recipes. Her measurements were jelly jars and pinches.


I have a consciously old Ashkenazi cookbook which has wonderful photos of the old country and recipes that were pretty close to the food my great grandmother cooked.
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