What are u giving hte teachers/rebbes/bus drivers?
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Post  Sat, Mar 15 2008, 6:59 pm
ChossidMom wrote:
My boys go to a Yerushalmi Cheder (Yiddish) in Kiryat Sefer. My husband always gives the rebbes money on Purim. I also give a nice M.M (bottle of wine and box of chocolates).

We don't give money to the girls' teachers. Usually, all the girls in the class chip in 10 shekels and one of the mothers buys a nice M.M. Same with my kids in gan.

I find it really offensive that the women teachers get less then the men teachers.

I understand if its a single girl, but many teachers are married and also supporting families.
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Post  Sun, Mar 16 2008, 6:16 am
I just go along with "what's done". Each society has its unwritten rules. If you want to belong you go along. Sorry if you're offended.
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Post  Sun, Mar 16 2008, 11:03 am
first of all teaching boys is way harder then teaching girls...second rebbiem teach most of the day..like from 9-3..as they get older even longer ..as by girls the teachers only teach half a day
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Post  Sun, Mar 16 2008, 11:26 am
My 12 year old is in cheder till 6:00 pm.

My daughter finishes school at 1:40 latest.
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Post  Mon, Mar 17 2008, 10:52 am
It's standard in all the boys Yeshivos in flatbush to give money to the Rabbeim.
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Post  Mon, Mar 17 2008, 10:59 am
WHAT ON EARTH? ive lived in bklyn my whole life, and my parents never (to my knowledge) "tipped" rebbeim. not only does that sound just a tad immoral or something (do you "tip" your doctor? big diff between giving someone MM and giving them a "cash gift"), but um, also, excuse me for sounding mean or anything, but these people are getting PAID to teach. Now they need "bribes" to teach your kid too? and what of the people who cant afford it?? And trust me, my parents are among those who COULD b'h very well afford to give each teacher (I have no clue what amounts were talking about here, im just takinga wild guess), 50 dollars or so on purim or whatever. They parents paid full tuition, which meant, some years, over 50/60k to various schools. so now they have to "tip" on top of that? the entire idea sounds so offensive to me!!! sure for purim, I can understand "gelt" as a present? but what now they need TIPS for purim? I am shocked at this notion, this board is actually the first time I ever heard this idea!! Can someone please explain???

teachers are paid very little and its quite the opposite attitude of what u are saying. teachers work very hard to teach, and mechanech the kids and its a really really nice thing for parents to show appreciation and give a tip. of COURSE they dont HAVE to! and no its not expected, but its a really nice thing to do. Doctors and teachers are really not a thing to compare because u cant even compare thier salaries and jobs..
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