Do your children wet the bed? (age 4+)
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Do your children (4+ years) wet the bed?
 57%  [ 30 ]
 42%  [ 22 ]
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Post Tue, Mar 23 2021, 5:09 pm
All of our kids so far. One until about 11, 1 still going at 7. Only at night. When I dated dh I assumed that could be an issue with future children as we were both late bed wetters. All of his brothers were also. They usually grow out of it and I don’t sweat it.
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Post Tue, Mar 23 2021, 5:20 pm
My son is a bedwetter. He is 12. He does not have emotional issues B"H. The issue is that he is a very deep sleeper. He does not wet the bed every night. The more exhausted he is when he goes to bed (in other words, the later he goes to bed), the more likely he will wake up wet, as he seems to sleep more deeply when he is more exhausted.

When he goes to sleep at a normal hour, he does not wet the bed. But when he goes to sleep late, or had a particularly exhausting day, all bets are off. And he goes to sleep late relatively often.

Just a few years ago, he was wetting the bed every night, so this is progress.

He has not hit puberty yet. He's still a kid in every which way. Some kids hit puberty earlier than others do. So if you're visualizing a mature looking 12 year old, that is not my son. He's really still a kid.

I don't do anything about it, as I assume he will grow out of it. He sleeps on a washable pad that is geared towards bedwetting issues. I wash it as needed.

Neither his older nor his younger siblings wet their beds, though my youngest wears Pull Ups at night. He is 4 and a half.
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Post Thu, Mar 25 2021, 1:25 am
All do. Me and my husband had this issue I outgrew it when I was 13 my husband when he was 16. It’s all genetic, we just have them wear pull ups till they outgrow it.
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