Do you eat non shmurah matzah on pesach?
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Do you eat non shmurah matzah on pesach?
No I eat only shmurah matzah  
 66%  [ 112 ]
Yes I eat both  
 33%  [ 57 ]
Total Votes : 169

Amelia Bedelia


Post Fri, Apr 02 2021, 10:21 am
amother [ Indigo ] wrote:
We take hakalot and eat everything that some Orthodox Rabbis allow. So we eat regular matza, all the kitniot, all of the "Passover breads" they sell in Israel, etc.

This year I bought some whole wheat matza, rye matza, spelt matza just because I thought it might be healthier. It all tastes the same when you load it with tomato sauce and cheese, or with butter and jam 😂

I never eat my matza plain, but that has to do with personal taste

Are you Sefardi? Because kitniyos is forbidden for anyone who is not Sefardi. It's an extremely stringent minhag. It's not a "kula" to eat kitniyos.
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Post Fri, Apr 02 2021, 2:08 pm
Only hand shmura the whole pesach. And no gebrochs.
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Post Mon, Apr 05 2021, 6:56 pm
amother [ Cerise ] wrote:
Some of my yekkish family still only eats machine matza. We do eat hand but every piece is checked before Pesach. (Does everyone check their matzos before Pesach?)

Of course I check hand shmurah in advance, and I'm not a Yekke. I save cartons from previous years so I can sort them into "perfect", "slightly chipped but still shlemot in a pinch" "cracked, still shlemot but at risk of fracture" "broken beyond repair" and "a little funny, ask my son the rabbi." The latter is for matzot that are otherwise ok but have quirky folds or blips and whatnot.

I also check machine shmurah if I don't have enough hand shmurah to make it. Matzah cartons are flimsy. The matzot may go into the box in perfect shape, but if whoever transports them throws them around or the cashier puts them in the bottom of the bag and throws your 64-ounce grape juice bottles in on top... One year almost all our hand matzot were broken and we had to borrow from a neighbor to have enough for both sedarim. Whoever transported the matzot must have played jai-alai with them.
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