PSA "Miami" is nondescript

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Post Wed, Apr 07 2021, 8:38 am
So often people come on here asking for info on Miami. If you are coming to Miami for Shabbos, please realize that "Miami" is like saying "Brooklyn". You can be in BP, Williamsburg, Flatbush, Kensington etc.

So too, there is Miami Beach, North Miami Beach, Surfside, South Beach etc.
You cannot walk from MB to NMB on Shabbos. Even during the week, it can take 25-35 minutes by car to get from point A to B.

We can help you plan your trip, get food etc., if you specify which location you are going to.
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Post Wed, Apr 07 2021, 9:58 am
Even worse when they just say "Florida" 😂
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