Tapioca starch, coconut flour & Pesach baking

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Bnei Berak 10


Post Sun, Apr 11 2021, 6:04 am
What is your experience using tapioca instead of potato starch? Gummy texture? Do you use the same amount of tapioca vs potato starch or reduce it by 20%? Why?
Does coconut flour have a distinctive coconut taste or more on the neutral side?
We don't eat gebrockt.
TIA! Smile
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Bnei Berak 10


Post Sun, Apr 11 2021, 3:05 pm
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Post Sun, Apr 11 2021, 3:07 pm
I use tapioca in place of potato starch and everything tastes delicious. Same ratio.
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Post Sun, Apr 11 2021, 3:27 pm
I cook gf with it year round. But I just follow tried and true recipes. They're so expensive it's not worth playing around with the gf flours. Coconut btw is mild.
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