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Post Mon, Apr 19 2021, 9:10 am
Sorry for the anon as I asked in real life (and didn’t get any answers, hence here)

My house gets dusty. Looking for a swiffer type of duster so I can dust my moldings ect on a frequent basis. The swiffer type cost about $1 a piece so that’s kind of crazy for me. Any recommendations for another system? Washable one? I have microfiber cloths but it doesn’t do the same kind of job.
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Post Mon, Apr 19 2021, 10:52 am
Get a reusable microfiber dust "mop" with extension handle, or cover a simple sponge mop with two old socks, one on each side. Secure with rubber bands and dust to your heart's content.
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Post Mon, Apr 19 2021, 11:11 am
A vacuum works great for picking up dust. Generally vacuums come with tools that you can use for different jobs.

If your vacuum doesn't have one, then investing in a hand held vacuum cleaner is a great housekeeping tool. They are inexpensive and are very functional because sometimes you don't want to lug out your large vacuum cleaner. Most of them are cordless so you can keep them charged in your utility closet or wherever it is convenient - for example, if you have a two story house, it is not crazy to have one upstairs and one downstairs. That way it is always convenient for small jobs.
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