Do you know geirim and BTs in real life?
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Do you know geirim and BTs in real life?
I don't know any geirim or BTs personally  
 3%  [ 11 ]
I know 1 ger but no BTs  
 0%  [ 1 ]
I know 1 BT but no geirim  
 0%  [ 3 ]
I know a few geirim but not BTs  
 0%  [ 3 ]
I know a few BTs but not geirim  
 8%  [ 27 ]
I know both geirim and BTs personally  
 84%  [ 255 ]
 0%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 302



Post Fri, Apr 23 2021, 5:40 am
Rappel wrote:
I don't know.

When Nissim Black first made aliyah, there were some news articles about his kids having trouble getting into haredi schools.

DH read about it. He came to me, white-faced, and asked if our kids would have trouble in school because of his geirut.

I wanted to cry.

Thank G-d, we live in communities where that's not even a question. It would be unthinkable for them to deny any child.

But the idea of any parent having to go through that stress and fear? For what? It's awful.

He told a mutual friend that his daughter was having the similar difficulties as other children who made aliya.
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Soul on fire


Post Fri, Apr 23 2021, 1:51 pm
This is a weird question....I think I may actually know more BT and Geirim than FFBs.
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Post Fri, Apr 23 2021, 2:52 pm
JoyInTheMorning wrote:
I'm happy that people in my community are open about it. One is not supposed to remind a BT or ger of their previous life, but if they want to talk about it and share their experiences, that's great. I am sorry that in some communities they're made to feel that it's something that isn't spoken about.

Why jump to this interpretation? I have one parents who’s a ger and one who’s a BT and it hardly comes up, not because of stigma, but just because that was 40 years ago. Hardly any relevance now. The community they’re in wouldn’t care. Still, it just really doesn’t come up.
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