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Post Mon, May 03 2021, 9:32 pm
I'm so fed up! My husband has no discipline starting from morning when I have to wake him many times until he finally comes out which is often after 9 and then he doesnt come home for supper till 8:30! So he misses his shier every night and it's not like he worked hard therefore he comes late he's always on his phone busy with WhatsApp or idk what else😔 then at night he doesnt go to sleep before 1 also all the while on his phone I'm literally crying while writing this but when I bring it up to him he always apologizes and promises to become a mentch but this crazy cycle repeats daily resulting in no connection between us as a couple or him learning or even earning $ (he's self employed) while Im on the other hand busy with a demanding job caring for a toddler and pregnant with so many responsibilities waking up 6.30 each day going to sleep crying in bed that he's on his phone all day dont know to who to turn to for help!
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