I can't figure out the obsession with Harry Potter
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Post Fri, May 07 2021, 1:08 pm
tigerwife wrote:
Like others have said, it’s very immersive and the world-building is fantastic. The characters are witty and funny and the dialogue is realistic.

I’d say for those of us who started reading them as they came out, there’s probably more attachment because nothing can recreate that anticipation before each release. We used to re-read the entire published series before each new one. Quite a few came out in the summer and I’m laughing at the memory of dozens of little brown packages arriving in the camp mail and campers reading in odd hiding spots with their fingers in their ears trying to avoid those annoying twits yelling spoilers. Oh, and I couldn’t stand the movies. Stopped at the fourth, I think. The movies just couldn’t capture what the writing did. They felt like random snapshots of book passages without the pacing and buildup of a great plot.

I was so proud that I figured out who RAB was right away! But waiting for the next book was TORTURE.
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Post Fri, May 07 2021, 1:11 pm
tigerwife wrote:
Lol single again! Yup, HP was the main source of my Latin education, although I also learned some mythology through characters’ names.

Srsly just Google "HP Tumblr" you well l will be so entertained
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Post Fri, May 07 2021, 1:21 pm
Even though the first book was published when I was pretty much an adult, I enjoyed them all and read them as they came out. But I grew up on Malory Towers and the Chalet school and JK Rowling is very much drawing upon that tradition of British boarding school literature but with magic.
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Post Fri, May 07 2021, 1:58 pm
Speaking of mythology-I love how Remus Lupin's first name, last name, and code name all relate to his story.
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Post Fri, May 07 2021, 3:53 pm
Crookshanks wrote:
Speaking of mythology-I love how Remus Lupin's first name, last name, and code name all relate to his story.

I thought it was a bit much, considering he wasn't born that way. I know parents are said to have nevuah/ruach hakodesh about their children's names but is it true for wizards? Was there a prophecy?

Professor Sprout loving plants is cute, though.
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Post Sat, May 08 2021, 11:50 pm
Siriusly? wrote:
It's funny you think that the series isn't well-planned enough, because the thoroughness with which JKR planned the later books so early on in the series' writing is obvious to me, and one of its biggest draws. Of course, not everything can be planned, and ensuing years and books did introduce several loopholes, but that doesn't detract from the skills of the author. Yes, every book introduces new things, it would be boring to read seven books without expanding our view of the universe, and you can't cram all the small details into the first book. Many of the new things are inconsequential to the main events, some are major players, and many are reused later on. (Re time-turners in particular, JKR later regretted playing with time (don't blame her!). Still not sure why she then went on to create Cursed Child then, which I am in full agreement with you about. I've Obliviated that memory from myself, tbh).

As others have said, what makes this series so immersive is JKR's creation of a completely alternate universe that nevertheless feels so comfortable, it becomes like our own (I mean, how many of us realise, as we're reading the books, that we're actually Muggles? How many times have you pointed at something across the room and said, "Accio!" (or wished you could)?)

And Tolkien? Can't stand him Smile Throw the tomatoes...

wow well said!100 percent agreed
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Post Sun, May 09 2021, 12:00 am
Never read a Harry Potter book. Never saw a Harry Potter film. They came out right around the time I was newly married and I knew both children and adults who were completely into it and told me I must read it - but it sounded so stupid to me.

Over the years I've asked each of my children if they would like to read the Harry Potter books and they all expressed to me that they sound boring or stupid.

I guess we all have the same taste in literature.
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Post Sun, May 09 2021, 12:07 am
zaq wrote:
My kids knew whole passages by heart, but not because they memorized them or reread them so often; just because the language is engaging, very easy to read despite the sophisticated vocabulary, and kids have minds like sponges. They enjoyed the books but didn't playact at being the characters, want to be a wizard for Purim, or ask us to buy them their own wand and cauldron. .

I liked the part where the bully on the train told Harry to avoid the Weasleys, who had more kids than they could afford.
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