FDA Authorizes Pfizer vax for age 12-15
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Post Tue, May 11 2021, 1:45 pm
small bean wrote:
Funny and I listened and all I heard was resistance. No one wanted to vaccinate their kids. That was NJ1015.

The point is if you're vaccinated, you shouldn't care if the kids are or not. If you're not vaccinated you can't complain about it.

And lastly, this has nothing to do with long term immunity or mutations as vaccinating the kids will not save the adults if their immunity wanes.

It's the same argument as letting a few antivaxers into schools and camps during the measles outbreak. The antivaxers felt that if vaccines are effective, having a number of kids in the class incubating measles probably wouldn't impact the safety of the other kids. We know, however, that vaccines work best when the vast majority gets them. Some people are waiting for the kids to get vaccines before visiting elderly relatives who are vaccinated because there is a real price to pay for making grandpa sick if grandpa's vaccine fails.
1010Wins radio sounded like everyone wants to vaccinate their kids.
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Post Tue, May 11 2021, 2:00 pm
amother [ Salmon ] wrote:
That's Bec people like you refuse to vaccinate or mask up. This is why I mask up when I go to shul for yizkor,Bec of people like you. Actually, before I was vaccinated ,I missed Yizkor Bec of people like you.

Masks do NOT stop the Covid Virus.

States with Mask Mandates had HIGHER Covid Rates then States WITHOUT Mask Mandates.
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Post Tue, May 11 2021, 2:01 pm
Just heard on News that NYC will NOT mandate Covid Vaccine for public school students!

Boruch Hashem for that.
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Post Tue, May 11 2021, 2:17 pm
amother [ Mistyrose ] wrote:
An mRNA vaccine is not "gene therapy." It is not designed to alter or change your genes in any way.

Exactly! mRNA doesn't contain any genes. (That's DNA. One letter difference, completely different molecule.) It doesn't enter the nucleus of the cell (which is where your DNA actually is). It doesn't travel in the body far from the arm. It doesn't last in the body for more than a few days.
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Post Tue, May 11 2021, 6:24 pm
No time to read this thread but NPR's On Point problem spoke about COVID vaxing for youth. Some of the experts were not thrilled and would rather see herd immunity or close to it by more adults getting it.
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