How do you manage without any time to yourself until 9 pm???
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Post Fri, May 28 2021, 10:06 am
does that work. I keep telling my daughter, its after 9, I'm not talking now, she still tries...
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Post Fri, May 28 2021, 10:18 am
DVOM wrote:
It gets easier, OP! Kids grow up!

I have 4 kids, 6-13 years old. They are so independent! The make their own breakfast and clear up when they're done. They get themselves dressed, make their beds, pack their knapsacks. Definitely wiping their own tushys☺️. Right now I'm in bed. My husband had to work late. My 13 year old just got home from Maariv and is making grilled chicken for Shabbos, my 10 year old is baking a cake. 6 and 8 gave themselves baths, put their clothes in the hamper, dressed themselves in PJs, and are now both in bed. All is calm.

Your at such a difficult stage with 2 little ones. Give it some time! It gets so much easier!

I am 3 or so years ahead of you.
I have 6 between 3 and 16 and I find it harder not easier.
I'm still doing a lot of the hands-on stuff (tush wiping, bathing, etc) for my youngest.
But my older ones want to talk. And process. And my oldest doesn't get home until 9:30 at night so I need to give him his time and attention when I'm so tired
My schedule is as follows
6:45- wave off minyan boys
7:30-9 dressing, lunch, breakfast, busses, straighten up, preschool drop-off
9-3:30 work
3:30 preschool pickup,
4-7 make supper, serve supper, homework (7 year old), play, clean up, bath, bed
7-9 clean up, carpools (bar mitzvah lessons, finals) laundry, 2nd supper,
9:30 my Mesivta boy comes home. Wants a 3rd supper, to shmooze, etc
High School DD wants to talk now that the little ones are settled
Shopping, appointments, more carpools.
Bar mitzvas, weddings (because my friends are starting to make weddings.)
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