S/O why not save on other wedding expenses too?
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Post Fri, Jun 11 2021, 7:24 pm
amother [ OP ] wrote:
The hall decides the kallah's side pays more? Surprised

The kallah's side pays for the hall and catering, the chassan's side pays for music and flowers.
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Post Wed, Jun 16 2021, 10:35 am
Baltimore has a new hall with package weddings, including catering for 300 guests, band, photographer and videographer. There are two packages available, depending on options - $12,500 and $13,900. It is an elegant place and they use nice fake flower centerpieces, have a small shmorg, and include a simple dessert buffet during the Simchas Chassan v'Kallah (second dance). Overall it is a beautiful and very respectable package for a chusana, at a reasonable cost. Many families split the cost 50/50. It is also totally normal here to make the vort at home, have the kallah get her gown from a gemach, etc. No one feels like a nebach - it is just the way things are done. Of course there are those who can not afford this and have to take loans or get help, but very very few are coming anywhere close to a $50,000 wedding.
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Post Wed, Jun 16 2021, 12:33 pm
amother [ Slategray ] wrote:
Almost everyone I know makes wedding pkg.
only flower bouquet is real
One man band
Pkg photographer
Most ppl have basic meal and basic shmorg. No dessert.
A lkwd bais Faiga wedding is 10k everything included: hall, food, band, flowers, pictures, video.
Most likely going to a smaller hall and pulling vendors from scratch will add up to more then that. You just show up. No party planner beeded

I go to lots of weddings and it’s rare I go to a non pkg wedding.

I don’t think parents give kids money over a wedding…
Ppl I know who made small covid weddings spent way more bec setting up a hall and pulling everything together was more expensive the the events that happen every night.

For this reason I love Lakewood:)
But seriously, why cant every city have this? In boro park, the cheap $10K wedding hall gives you nothing compared to that.
For $10K you get a small hall, ugly fake flowers (lots of bp halls have NICE fake flowers)
No music - just a cheap sound system with tracks running. No video
Basically paying for the guest to eat & for picture. Oh, and the photographer is there for minimal hours
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