Baby turned 2 and started climbing out crib
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Post Tue, Jun 15 2021, 11:57 am
finprof wrote:
Even a 2 year old can understand the need to stay in a bed, or at least in their room. All my kids switched to real beds at 1.5 because they climbed out of the crib and I never saw the point of spending $ on toddler beds. Just put a gate at the door or a knob cover. He will cry but that is life. Kids cry about every change but they adjust.

Mine won’t stay in a bed.
He knows there are consequences. We’ve tried multiple times.

If your kid understood the need to stay in bed or room then why the need for the door knob cover? Why cry? If they are trying to open the door and cry they don’t understand.

My son in a bed:
He jumps on his siblings beds going to sleep same time as him
Plays with the lights
Looks out the window.
Comes downstairs.
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