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Post Fri, Jun 18 2021, 6:25 am

Sometimes when I watch a netflix serie other then shtisel or so I'm wondering how a frum plot will be like. Like a frum Downton Abby, or a frum telenovela or soap.

I have an idea for a plot of one family please add your ideas of this family:

Family Rosezwieg is a brand-name family in the community. They have everything. Suddenly a woman comes to the door... She is the lost sister of the mother of the house Dina and her sister is Gittel! Dina never ever spoke about her OTD sister who has been disowned for years. She says to Dina she needs to talk about her husband Berrel who....
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Post Fri, Jun 18 2021, 7:44 am
Is secretly running (more plausibly, money laundering for) a drug cartel in Mexico. Gittle knows this because she is a an FBI agent and is working on the case. She is coming to warn Dina. Suddenly, Dina's only daughter Simi comes to see what is going on and takes one look at this woman, and realises she is looking at her mirror image. Why does she look so much more like Gittle then like Dina? Is this something to do with the fact that she bears no resemblance to Berel? She had secretly taken a DNA test a few months previously and found she was not related to Berel at all and not as closely related to Dina as she should be.*

*do some research into DNA testing
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Post Fri, Jun 18 2021, 9:24 am
Raisin,Not worthy
I was going to immediately react: every serial in the frum weeklies. But this is taking it up a notch.
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