Lasagna recipe with ricotta?

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Post Wed, Jun 23 2021, 1:08 pm
Anyone have a recipe?
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Post Wed, Jun 23 2021, 1:17 pm
Mix ricotta with cheese and egg. Layer on noodles- dab a generous amount of cheese then put some pasta sauce, salt and basil. Repeat for 3-4 layers. Put sauce and cheese on top layer. Add water to cover to the pan and some salt. Bake 350’ for about an hour.
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Post Wed, Jun 23 2021, 1:25 pm
From the original Moosewood cookbook:

Pour some sauce in the bottom of your pan.

Place a layer of lasagna noodles (uncooked is fine).

Spoon about 8 oz of ricotta, in mounds over noodles. Pour more sauce over that, then some mozzarella.

Do another layer of the same (noodles, ricotta, sauce mozzarella).

Top with noodles, then sauce, then parmesan.

Bake 45 minutes at 375
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Post Wed, Jun 23 2021, 2:51 pm
So essentially you can use it the same way you would cottage cheese?
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Post Wed, Jun 23 2021, 2:52 pm
I use it instead of cottage cheese in the kbd spinach lasagna recipe but I don't always even put in the spinach.
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Post Wed, Jun 23 2021, 3:08 pm
I just do lasagna with these 3 layers -
Sauce, noodles, american cheese
Sauce, noodles, ricotta cheese crumbled
Sauce, noodles, mozzarella cheese
Cover and bake
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Post Wed, Jun 23 2021, 3:11 pm
Busy in Brooklyn has a delicious lasagna on her blog. It uses ricotta cheese I think.
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Post Wed, Jun 23 2021, 3:13 pm
I use instead of cottage cheese..
take a jar or can of tomatoe sauce mix container of ricotta and some shredded cheese , layer it on the noodles then the top I just put sauce and cheese. Bake at 375 covered for 45 min and then another 15 min uncovered
It’s delicious
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