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Post Wed, Jun 30 2021, 5:26 pm
I make honey cake for Rosh Hashanah every year. When I was growing up, my mother made delicious honey cake with candied fruit in it. Eventually, she couldn’t get it with a hechsher, and her honey cake became a little less special, but delicious nevertheless. A few weeks ago, I found the candied fruit with a hechsher! I was thrilled. The problem is that I don’t have the recipe for making the cake with that special touch. I went looking online, but all I found were cakes that were plan, milchig, or with GASP nuts! Does anyone know how to incorporate the candied fruit into a honey cake recipe? Thanks!
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Post Wed, Jun 30 2021, 5:47 pm
No, but the good news is, doesn't candied fruit last forever? At least according to all they say about the lehavdil notorious fruitcake. (The Notorious Fruitcake would be a great name for a rapper, btw.)
Hatzlacha. And if nothing else, I bumped your thread.
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