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Post Wed, Jun 30 2021, 7:29 pm
I’m curious about what others do. I just got an indoor security camera for the main area of my house and have a new housekeeper starting soon, who will also be caring for my children some of the day. I would trust her even without the camera, I just had a bad situation recently which makes me feel like I definitely need a camera for my own sense of well-being. I didn’t get the camera purely to check on her but I will definitely use it occasionally just to keep an eye on things. The camera isn’t at all hidden, it’s quite visible. Tell her about it? Don’t? Anyone want to share what they do?
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Post Wed, Jun 30 2021, 7:32 pm
I think the decent thing to do is let her know that there's a security camera in the house.
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Post Wed, Jun 30 2021, 7:33 pm
I just keep them out in the open so everyone can see there are security cameras.
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Post Wed, Jun 30 2021, 7:38 pm
I told mine. I just mentioned it very casually and said something about how in general I'm a very cautious person so I like having a camera.
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Post Wed, Jun 30 2021, 7:43 pm
I think most
People tell. I would feel very awkward
If someone was wAtching me all day and I didn’t know it
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Post Wed, Jun 30 2021, 8:05 pm
Yes I always pointed it out to nannies, cleaners, even though they were visible firstly it’s only decent and secondly I don’t want to catch them after the fact I want them to know it’s there and always be careful.
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