Breastfeeding and at my wits end

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Post Thu, Jul 01 2021, 10:53 pm
Feeling so upset and conflicted. It’s been so difficult to nurse my baby. Tongue tie, lip tie, allergies. Finally got the lip and tongue clipped and he nursed better. Eliminated dairy and soy from my diet, started him on Pepcid. That helped him too. But now I’m back at work and he’s gotten so used to bottle feeding, he gets frustrated nursing even though his latch is better. So I end up nursing then pumping then giving him what I pumped because he didn’t nurse long enough. So then I don’t have milk to take to daycare the next day.

Maybe I should just switch to formula at this point, but he can’t have dairy or soy so the options are limited. He hates elecare which is kosher. He likes similac alimentum which is nor kosher but my rabbi okay’d.

I cannot emotionally bring myself to stop nursing in order to give him milk that has a pig enzyme in it (alimentum). But that seems to be the only option. it’s taking hours out of my day to feed him and that’s in addition to pumping and nursing and I’m losing my mind. I don’t know what to do.
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Post Thu, Jul 01 2021, 11:10 pm
Have you worked with any professionals lactation consultant, myofunctional therapsit, SLP, CST etc. To try to help your baby with his latch?
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Post Thu, Jul 01 2021, 11:14 pm
Try puramino. Its kosher. Also, buy a bottle with the smallest nipple size (zero preferably) so there is not much competition for you.
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