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Post Tue, Jul 06 2021, 7:19 pm
Stay at home moms I think you are the most unbelievable devoted woman around! Please help! I work part time during the school year, love my job, yet find the hustle and bustle of life very overwhelming yet so rewarding! During the school year I have help 3 days a week and it is my lifesaver! Every summer we go upstate, for complex reason we go to a place w a very unstructured day camp my children really thrive but are back to change around 4 times a day never mind the snacks and the drinks! I have mostly boys so they leave stuff all over the place when they come in. I don’t have much help here as I am not working and there is no reason I can’t manage my tiny bungalow. I get time for myself walking each day for an hour and swimming a few days a week. I have cleaning help for an hour on Friday’s. Each summer I begin with an excitement and am so happy to just be a mommy, we are only two weeks in and I am the grouchiest human being around! I hate all the cleaning and constant laundry. I feel so unfulfilled and am failing at the one summer job I have to be a mom. I hate that instead of allowing my kids to just have fun I am mad all the time that they don’t clean up after themselves and resentful that things are always a mess. I know I should chill a little and allow them to just enjoy but I find myself uptight and tense. I don’t want them to hate being around me but I don’t know how you stay calm doing this all day? How do you find fulfillment and joy when you are busy a whole day with tedious housework? I feel like a failure and don’t even enjoy mothering which I usually do. Help!
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