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Post Wed, Jul 07 2021, 9:12 am
My son, who lives in EY, is visiting with his 6 year old boy who is very much a middle child who must vie for attention and fight for his turn with the toys.
It's beautiful to see how the little guy flourishes when it's all about him. I went to Rockland Kosher yesterday and brought home some cheap toys and the kid just lit up with happiness. He didn't have to share the toys or fight over them.
Sometimes I can see that he is lonely for other kids and I have been playing games and ball with him but he gets excited when his cousins come to play.
My point of this rant is that we have to carve out special time for each kid in a big family. Sometimes it should be only that kid who gets a toy from the supermarket. Maybe someone sits down to play Spot It or Mitzvah Match just with that kid.
This kid appreciates the mundane toys and games that American kids are already bored with which is a topic for another discussion.
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Post Wed, Jul 07 2021, 9:13 am
So true!
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