Do you bake challos in a meat or dairy oven
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Post Fri, May 13 2022, 5:04 pm
Not sure why it has to be so complicated…
I have one regular oven that I use for meat. Challah is baked in there and it’s meat equipment, so I can use it for the meals without someone getting fleishig but no I can’t spread cream cheese on it or make French toast from the extras.
I don’t really bake dairy. Mac n cheese etc is made on the stove. I do have a toaster oven to bake dairy in , and that’s where my random dairy things get baked. There are different sizes, and if you have the counter space for a toaster oven you can definitely get one that fits a 9x13.
It would be such a hassle to turn my oven from dairy to meat to pareve etc every week! Not sure what the point is.

I live in a rental apt and this works perfectly fine for me! I would love a bigger kitchen with two ovens but totally not on the radar right now.
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