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Post Mon, Jul 12 2021, 10:31 pm
My daughter will be just over 2 when my baby is born G-d willing.
I've never had to purchase a double stroller before but assume I will be needing one.
I want something that is good but not expensive. I hopefully will not be using it for long (though maybe wishful thinking- my first basically stopped using his stroller before he was 3).
This may be my last child so I'm not sure I'll have need for a double in the future so don't really want to invest. BUT I do want something that is good quality and will be good on bad sidewalks.

We have a city mini gt single right now.How is the double? Recommendations for anything else?

(I HATE the thought of having to push around a double- I always get annoyed with the fact that they take up the whole sidewalk forcing others to walk off of it... so I'm dreading having to own one but I feel like I should do research now since it probably is my future for a little bit)
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Post Mon, Jul 12 2021, 10:38 pm
Many 2-year-olds are ok with a buggy board. It takes up the space of a single stroller and is inexpensive. Is that an option for you?
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Post Mon, Jul 12 2021, 11:14 pm
The buggy board won’t work with the city mini. Apparently there’s no space to stand.
The city mini double is great. Well priced. It’s a good idea
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Post Mon, Jul 12 2021, 11:44 pm
I like the mountain buggy duet, it's a great push and narrow stroller. I hear that people are happy with the city mini. I wouldn't put a 2 year old on a buggy board, especially if you're out for long. They need something comfortable to sit in and fall asleep if needed.
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Post Tue, Jul 13 2021, 9:40 am
Is your 2yo a good walker generally? You might find they only need the stroller for a short time. I had a mountain buggy duet that I was really happy with. I love how narrow it is and how easy it is to push. It is enormous when folded and heavy to lift in and out cars (I never felt the weight when pushing). I bought a buggyboard just before my ds turned 3, and used the buggyboard and a scooter to assist with the walking.
You might want to consider a in-line stroller where one child is under the other. This means it has the same sort of size as a regular single, and it can be converted to a single if you don't need it as a double. Like this Phil and teds

I wouldn't recommend such a stroller for a child for long term use but it is great if the child may walk some or most of the time.
Also I would say it's worth considering a second hand stroller as if you don't end up liking it or using it much, it's a lot less money spent. You can get some really nice bargains.
The city mini double gt is really nice to push but it is quite wide for a double stroller and you might find it too big for you.
If you have a store near you, or even better friends with the different strollers, go and try them out. Pushing an empty stroller on a smooth shop floor is really easy. Try doing it up a steep hill, with uneven paving, loaded with shopping and 2 crying children!
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Post Tue, Jul 13 2021, 9:42 am
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Post Tue, Jul 13 2021, 10:57 am
Hi, I just bought this stroller this week. I have only used it a few times but I'm really impressed for the price. I primarily want to use it for walks which is why I went for a jogger. I have a large garage so storage isn't an issue for me. It's really amazing for the price.
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Post Tue, Jul 13 2021, 11:25 am
I have that age difference and I'd definitely go for a side by side double. They're easier to push than a convertible one and you don't want your 2 year old kicking the baby's seat. I've had the city mini double regular and gt and both are good--gt pushes better, but is heavier, so it's a tradeoff. Try to get one second-hand if you can so you can save $$. Also something I learned with buying used strollers--avoid buying one from someone frum if possible because it will likely have seen much more use in large families or being passed from family to family--unless you can verify that it was really gently used. I made that mistake and the next time I found one from a non-Jewish family that only had 2 kids, bought it new, and used it for a year. The condition was much better.
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Post Tue, Jul 13 2021, 12:04 pm
My last two were the same age range. I was seriously considering buying a double but first I borrowed one from a friend. I'm so glad I never bought one. The few times we tried using it either my baby cried and ended up in a carrier or my toddler wanted to be independent and walk. I gave the stroller back to my friend and made sure with my single stroller and Ergo baby carrier. Didn't even do a buggy board, though that works well for some people, too
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