Airmont Community whats it like? - echoridge/twin lake area

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Post Wed, Jul 14 2021, 5:07 pm
Looking for house around echo ridge/overbrook/twin lakes
Whats the community / families like ? Any litvish or just chasidish? what type of chasidim in the area?
Any playgroups/park in walking distance?
Shul in the area? what type?
Thank you
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Post Wed, Jul 14 2021, 5:17 pm
I don't live there but a family member does . All I can tell u is that there is radishitz shul which is a beautiful large shul that people come from the area . I think during the week it has many minyanim . My family member has a beautiful block and loves it there
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Post Wed, Jul 14 2021, 5:53 pm
I dont live there but close by.

I know many families there and friends with the rebbitzen of the Radishitz shul.
the families that I know are light chassidish heimish.

Any questions you have I could pass it on to them for you.
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Post Wed, Jul 14 2021, 6:34 pm
have a relative that lives nearby that we stayed by recently for shabos.
the area seems really nice, frum and safe. I'd say more chasidish than litvish but not an exclusive atmosphere.
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Post Wed, Jul 14 2021, 6:44 pm
I live in the neighborhood. The area is mostly chassidish. A huge range of type, how chassidish etc. There are litvish families but not too many. Radishitz is the biggest shul in the neighborhood but there are others, but no litvish shul that I know of. There is one in the Park Avenue area, maybe on Regina? not sure- but I don’t know what it’s like and what the walk is like with/without shortcuts etc. there is a chabad shul in the neighborhood too.
A lot of people have swingsets in their yards and not too many parks.

Overall it’s a wonderful place to live with a really nice quality of life.

Good luck!
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