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Post Mon, Aug 30 2021, 11:12 pm
amother [ Oxfordblue ] wrote:
My mother had covid right in the beginning and now she has it again (not vaccinated)both times where pretty severe fever, coughing, chills and extremely weak.
My father had covid 3 times first time severe second time in between vaccines was weak but no fever 3rd time (vaccinated) was now with my mother he tested negative but definitely had symptoms but not as sick as my mother is.

Do you know what blood type they have?
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Post Mon, Aug 30 2021, 11:25 pm
amother [ Black ] wrote:
I am a board certified immunologist and what your saying is completely false with regards to developing only one type of antibody with the vaccine. When your B cells see The s protein they make antibodies to various epitopes ( spots) on the s protein. Those IgG antibodies are not all the same and are not a perfect fit. Sort of like when you make a copy of a key some copies are perfect and some you need to fiddle with. Some have greater affinity and some have less. (Here’s the punchline) Given the variation within the IgG (antibody) formation Some are more nuanced to bind to the delta variant. A more simpler way to thing about is that your B cells are not perfect and they too implant “mutations” in the antibody they produce and that’s why we have neutralizing antibody to the D variant in the first place.

Could you PM me please? Have some questions. Thanks!
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Post Mon, Aug 30 2021, 11:46 pm
amother [ Hunter ] wrote:
It really depends on the person. My family members who had covid in March 2020 all still have high antibodies now. I, who had covid in February 2021, have no antibodies.

Have you taken a spike test? If not then ask for it from your doctor which should tell you if you have antibodies or not (although you should have t-cells but I dont think there is a test for that).
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