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Who bathes the kids?
Usually you  
 70%  [ 117 ]
Usually DH  
 15%  [ 26 ]
We switch off equally  
 14%  [ 24 ]
Total Votes : 167



Post Tue, Jul 20 2021, 10:18 pm
justforfun87 wrote:
What about changing a diaper? I voted that I usually do it but my husband certainly helps. Sure, he may dump too much water over their head getting the shampoo out and they all start screaming but he tries. I just feel the need to respond because you make it seem that it is inappropriate for a father to bathe a child... which to me is sad.

My husband doesn't change pampers but I've heard of it.
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Post Tue, Jul 20 2021, 10:23 pm
English3 wrote:
My sis comes to bath them, she helps me with bathing. I have a lot of little ones, it's one area where I give myself a breather.

Oy... Does your husband help with anything around the house?
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Post Wed, Jul 21 2021, 12:18 am
amother [ Mint ] wrote:
My husband doesn't change pampers but I've heard of it.

DH changed his first diaper in the hospital with our eldest child. My father taught him! I certainly change the majority of the diapers because I'm the one home with the little kids but DH changes his fair share on nights and weekends. Once the children are old enough to express a preference they often choose DH in order to get a little extra attention. I certainly don't mind!
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