How do you get anything done with a baby?
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Post Fri, Jul 30 2021, 3:40 am
amother [ Green ] wrote:
You sound like you have a very calm baby… my nine month old still wants to be held a lot. Won’t play with one wash cloth for long enough for me to fold a whole basket —will go for the piles! Etc.

My kid is anything except calm. Now as a toddler she literally bounces off the walls. The benefit is she didn't want to be held- she wanted to play near me. She totally raided the laundry basket- folded piles were put on the couch out of her reach and it was a race to fold it all before she dumped it all.
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Post Fri, Jul 30 2021, 4:06 am
It’s super hard. When my baby was a newborn she slept most of the day and I got things done then, now at six months, she naps less and wants to be held all day.
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