6 month cycle for covid

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Post Thu, Jul 22 2021, 1:40 pm
I thought of a theory regarding coronavirus and I want to talk it out to see if it makes sense.

Take a look at the stats for south africa.

you see a very obvious 6 month cycle. there are 3 peaks, exactly 6 months apart

now look at let's say florida:


look at russia:

are these all places where covid wasnt very controlled? I think so. it looks like the natural cycle of covid runs in 6 month peaks. I find it interesting that high vaxxing rates didnt always manage to push off the next peak.
like the UK

the other theory is that immunity (natural or vaccinated?) lasts 6 months, and every 6 months people get it again or participate in spreading it without actually getting it..

what do you think? any other ideas why the peaks are nearly exactly 6 months apart?

it also means that the US and Israel are about to go up a huge peak really soon.
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