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Post Sat, Jul 24 2021, 10:40 pm
Has anyone used their services for an Educational Evaluation? If so, can you share experiences. Apart from the 6 month wait to actually be seen, how many sessions does the evaluation take, how long is each session, etc. Is it covered by insurance and if not, how much does the eval cost?
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Post Mon, Jul 26 2021, 12:04 am
my DS has been a patient at CARD (their autism clinic) since he was 2.

He has had a neuropsychological evaluation through them. The wait f or thatwas nearly 2 years. It was paid for by insurance, but he had an autism dx already. If it's coded as a psychoeducational evaluation, rather than neuropsych, insurance may not pay (they typically have an exclusion on educational evaluations). It took 3 days, mornings each day. I believe insurance paid about $2K.

We were happy with the result. However if you only need an educational evaluation which any psychologist can do, I am not sure it's worth the wait time. If you want a neuropsychological evaluation (the tests are not all the same) I would happily go back through them. Pediatric neuropsychologists are in short supply, so I would expect a wait time anywhere unless you pay a lot of money.

DS also had another psychoeducational eval at school this past year with the school district psychologist. Comparing the two, I believe the KKI eval was more thorough, but the school one was competent.
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