Guests may bring the SAME dessert
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Post Fri, Jul 30 2021, 6:26 am
OP, I think the guests would find that t be hysterical.
Dont worry. It WILL be hysterical if it happens. Im sure each family will laugh about it. Thats all.
Dont take another minute worrying about this. Enjoy your guests when they get there, and if this happens, laugh about it.
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Post Fri, Jul 30 2021, 7:43 am
I would also just let it be. Also, IME as both a host and a guest, neither I or they can usually commit to exactly what will be made. If I asked a guest what specifically she will be bringing, she won't know until maybe that day or Thursday. And if I push her a bit, she may very well decide to pick up a candy tray to eliminate the pressure. And I have had plenty of people say, "I'm going to make x cake" and then bring a different one, because when they went to make it at 10:30pm Thursday, it turns out they were out of chocolate chips, or no eggs so they made chocolate chip sticks, or whatever. And I have done the same.
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