I just picked up my toddler from day camp….
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Post Tue, Aug 17 2021, 6:51 pm
When my dd was 2 went to school one day she wore a sweater top and cotton tights. The skirt was in the backpack. She refused to wear it because tights was enough.

Her teacher thought it was adorable
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Post Tue, Aug 17 2021, 7:08 pm
amother [ OP ] wrote:
Apparently this morning DH dressed him in a long sleeve shirt, shorts, sandals and socks Can't Believe It

Had to laugh at this. I was recently in the hospital with an older child and dh had to dress the kids. The five year old usually dresses himself but I did tell dh to check him to make sure he looks normal. Fast fwd to when he walked in after camp, and I literally gasped out loud and said "what are you wearing?!?!?" And dh from the other room goes "what?!?! I dressed him!! He matches!!"

Nope. He was in yellow and blue plaid shorts, with a red white and blue checkered short sleeve button down, brown socks, and shabbos shoes. Omg.

Dh said the patterns looked the same so he figured it matched. I'm still kinda horrified and I'm not a high fashion person.
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Post Thu, Aug 19 2021, 1:56 am
My 2/3 yr old daughter once went to go to gan with a kipa - she chose to.

I also remember a time when a girl showed up in gan with her father, and her hair was not tied back nicely as it usually was. The ganenet guessed that her mother had given birth the night before, before the father or girl had a chance to say anything.
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Post Thu, Aug 19 2021, 4:18 am
When my dd was 3 she insisted on wearing her denim skirt every. Single. Day. So she wore it under other dresses, over pants, and on shabbos under her shabbos dresses. This went on for weeks
Also when she was 2 I had a baby and I received lots of clothes as presents. One morning she opened 1 gift and found tights and a random sweater someone had sent. Which she insisted to wear to playgroup that day, I was too tired to convince her otherwise. Later the morah told me she had a good chuckle, she realised straight away what happened!
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Post Thu, Aug 19 2021, 4:58 am
Long sleeve rompers which close on bottom like onesies or knit long sleeve pullover sweaters with short pants are trendy now.

Can never understand this style looks like you are wearing undershirt with tights but forgot to put on the bottom
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Post Mon, Oct 04 2021, 8:02 pm
Funny story! LOL One of my students came to school with a note that said "please do not mention the ice cream picture on gittys shirt shes wearing it for 3 days already and her mommy wants to wash it!" Aparently every day she got a comment from a different therapist who wasnt there the day before!
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Post Tue, Oct 05 2021, 5:44 am
My 3 year old insists sometimes on dressing himself. He has gone to gan with pants inside out, the wrong way around, colors clashing, house shoes, pyjama shorts, and so on. I pick my battles! One day he insisted that he wants to wear his little sibling's clothes (baby a few months old). He didn't fit and threw a tantrum. What can you do? Everybody knows toddlers do that.
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