Do you trust the covid vaccines
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do you trust the covid vaccines
 59%  [ 128 ]
 40%  [ 87 ]
Total Votes : 215



Post Thu, Sep 23 2021, 10:07 pm
amother [ OP ] wrote:
thats because the covid big shots are very very loud. Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes
so true!! Very Happy
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Post Fri, Sep 24 2021, 12:09 am
amother [ Geranium ] wrote:
What do you mean by trust? I trust that it has a high chance of protecting me against covid for at least 6 months, which thankfully it seems to have done. I trust that it won’t affect my fertility or make me grow a tail. I trusted that it would slow the spread of covid and allow us to unmask and lift restrictions, which has happened as well. It depends on your expectations. Nobody ever promised that it would have 100% efficacy or immediately and completely obliterate the pandemic.

A post that hasn't aged well.
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