Living in Gateshead UK
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Post Sun, Sep 05 2021, 5:24 pm
Just wanted to understand what the different mentality is and why my friend suggested it if she knows how I am. But I understand that a community where most of the men learn even when they are working would be not a good fit because DH does learn but not that shtark on a deep level or well he used to do it. He is more slluchan aruch type.
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Post Sun, Sep 05 2021, 6:03 pm
It's doesn't say anything negative about you when we say gateshead isnt a good fit. I'm ffb, went to frum schools, Dh went to yeshiva learnt in kollel, wears black hat, etc and we could never live in gateshead.
The community there is really friendly, the people are lovely. I went to sem there and have relatives there that we visit from time to time. But it is still a very yeshivish town and it isnt for everyone
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Post Sun, Sep 05 2021, 6:49 pm
London is much more interesting intellectually and socially.
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