My teenage daughter's troubled friends

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Post  Sat, Apr 05 2008, 10:25 pm
for some reason this year my teenage daughter has 3 friends who are troubled, wihtout goin into details, each has issues that need a therapist and I believe they are all seeing one.
she is hainvg a lot of trouble wiht all this, she's up all hours talking to them, sympathiszing and trying to be good friend. SOme of it has taken over her life. I cant tell her to ignore them or drop them, she has been friends with these girls for years and its not her or their fault that their in the situation that they are in. she just wants to be a good friend but Im also concerned about her.
any advice of wat I should do/tell her?
wat can she do for them? what is healthy and acceptable from a peer?
and anyone know of counseling or such for friends of troubled kids?
thnks 4 ur help!
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Post  Sat, Apr 05 2008, 10:54 pm
try to do activities with her to take her out of the picture for aperhaps hours or days like that she will not to involved.
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Post  Sun, Apr 06 2008, 10:44 pm
That's definitely hard on your daughter.
Make sure your daughter has a confidant (besides you--her mother) who she can talk to and that this person will spend her time talking about YOUR daughter's concerns--not allowing her to spend the whole "session" talking about her friends issues.
Your daughter has to be aware that she is their friend, not their therapists but she should 1000% not drop all her friends and start again on the social forum... Wow. It's definitely not easy. I spent all of my High School years plus in exactly this situation.
It's great that your daughter's talking to you!! I didn't tell my mother any of what was going on for a year and a half and afterwards regretted it.
OP--you can PM me about this. I'm not posting anonymously for you. I'll also be more than glad to speak to your daughter if she's comfortable.
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