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Post Thu, Sep 09 2021, 7:18 pm
Hi. I am looking for good quality pots if anyone has experience with stainless steel I’d prefer glass lids . Most important is that the aluminum finish not dull. Looking at sets at Macy’s they are all over $600!! Is that the price ? If anyone bought from Amazon and they held up please share ! Also a plus if they could be stacked
Thanks so much
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Post Thu, Sep 09 2021, 8:01 pm
I've had 2 Calphalon sets now for 10 years. The one that's stainless steel with glass lids is still bH in very good condition. I got it from Bed Bath and Beyond. While it was probably in the $200 - $300 range, it for sure wasn't more than that (10 pc).
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Post Thu, Sep 09 2021, 10:08 pm
I've heard good things about Tramontina sets.
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Post Fri, Sep 10 2021, 12:16 pm
have an assortment of Farberware, Revereware and Tools of the Trade. Frankly I prefer stainless lids. I drop things a lot, and glass shatters, you know? Replacing a lid will cost you as much as a whole new pot and lid on sale.

My Revereware is copper bottomed. There’s no point polishing the copper. That looks lovely and is a huge waste of energy—mine and the stove’s. I let the bottoms turn black. This allows the copper to absorb rather than reflect heat. It took some time to acquire that black patina but the wait was worth it.

Except for the glass lids on TOTT, I like them all the same. No, not true. I don’t like the Farberware handles because the screws loosen. Revereware handles are riveted on. On the flip side, Farberware handles are replaceable. Not that in 40 years I’ve had occasion to replace one.

Caveat, my Farberware and Revereware are old and from what I understand, better quality than the new stuff. The TOTT are newer.
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