Triggered by early morning wake up

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Post Fri, Sep 10 2021, 9:37 am
Once at 4 am because he wet his pjs through his pull-up- ok that I can handle.
Then again at 530 because he is hungry. Arg. This is after I was sick yesterday and am still recovering today (headache nausea the works). If I would ignore him, he’d just get loud and wake up the baby Sad and then my day would be so tough. I need my sleep especially when I’m sick!
I couldn’t wake dh because he’s having such a tight week with early morning selichos and having to cover extra time for a coworker who is out this week.
I was so angry and I whisper yelled at my poor 4 year old.
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Post Fri, Sep 10 2021, 9:51 am
Ur not triggered. Ur exhausted! And rightly so.

Try to remember that he's only 4 and needs his mommy.

At the same time, he does need to learn to sleep better. Wish I had advice for that
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