Really having trouble figuring out all the cooking

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Post Sun, Sep 12 2021, 2:51 am
Need simple and healthy dishes
I need to figure out erev Yom Kippur-motzei Yom Kippur
And all of Succos out in the simplest form with some spirit of yom tov.
No gluten please.
I have no help and am quite exhausted.
Please can you help with suggestions of recipes/menu?
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rainbow dash


Post Sun, Sep 12 2021, 3:36 am
I first take a few papers and write down all the days if the week going down. Like fri night shabbos day etc. Then next to that I wrote a menu. Eg, fish, soup,meat, sides, compot. Then on the other paper I will write a shopping list for what I need according to the menu list and another paper will be a list of everything I need to make so I can later cross it off after I've done it. This way you know what food your having each meal. Also this year I wrote down where in the freezer and in which one I placed what so its easier to find.

Most foods I make are gf since I'm a celiac. Fish, chicken soup, vegetable soup, potato kugel, rice kugel, meat, chicken, salads, warm sides and apple compote. Dont forget cakes
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