Ideas for a milchig seudah hamafsekes?

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Post Mon, Sep 13 2021, 7:51 am
This will be my first year making a seudah hamafsekes (was at my parents last year) and I'm not sure what to make. I'm vegetarian (no fish either) but my husband isn't, so I'm looking for ideas that we'll both like that will fill us up. any help would be appreciated. (also cooking on a tight budget Sad ).

thanks in advance
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Post Mon, Sep 13 2021, 8:01 am
I'd think it's not so different than what you do for the meal before tisha b'av starts, since in the 9 days you can't have beef or chicken. I'd suggesting baking salmon for your husband. For non-fish dishes, I'd suggest cottage cheese-spinach pie and mushroom cheese quiche. I find that portabella or crimini mushrooms are more satisfying than white mushrooms. I like Swiss cheese for quiche, but muenster or even American would work as well. I'd have a vegetable salad and mashed potatoes on the side. I'd end with fruit or fruit pie if you really want to carb and fat load.
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Post Mon, Sep 13 2021, 8:05 am
I just reread your OP and realize you asked for a menu that was budget friendly. Salmon isn't so budget friendly but it's not really worse than chicken or beef these days. I find that I can get crimini mushrooms for the same price as white mushrooms if I know where to shop. You can save a little by using a big bag of grated pizza cheese in the quiche rather than specially buying Swiss cheese.

The good news is that you can use leftovers to break the fast, so you save a bit there. We always do that for tisha b'av.
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Post Mon, Sep 13 2021, 8:07 am
Whole grains
Hot foods that you enjoy; root vegetables can "stick".


First course -- bread/challah, pareve or cream soups. Bean and pea soups are particularly nutritious/filling, rinse well to minimize gassiness. You could also do vegetarian kreplach, if you're so inclined.

Salads, including chumus

Main course ideas:

Roasted vegetables
Stir fry, maybe with tofu
Anything you like to make with fake meat
Anything you'd serve for milchig meal on Shavuos -- homemade pizza with favorite toppings, lasagna or stuffed shells, fettuccine Alfredo, cheese and veggie casserole, frittata

And of course, any dessert you like.
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Post Mon, Sep 13 2021, 8:09 am
You can also do egg dishes like frittata and shakshuka, but in my experience they don't fill you up as much as dishes like the mushroom-cheese quiche which has both cheese and eggs. I also am not a fan of spicy foods like shakshuka before a fast. You could try toning down the spices in the tomato sauce.
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Post Mon, Sep 13 2021, 8:32 am
thank you
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Post Mon, Sep 13 2021, 8:50 am
A very satisfying dish is
bow ties with kasha and lots of onions- if it doesn’t give you heartburn
You can serve it with a slice of spinach and mushroom quiche,

Is your husband ok with not having a protein
If not make everything parve and serve him a protein

Chumus - lots of protein
Chunky veggie soup

Protein for hubby

Leftover dessert from RH
or- baked apples, honey cake
Herbal Tea
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