I never received a Bracha from my parents on erev Yom Kippur
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Post Wed, Sep 15 2021, 2:25 am
amother [ Hibiscus ] wrote:
I actually asked a shaila about this and I was told it is not for the mother to do.
What was the reason the rav gave?
I dont see why more brachot could ever be a bad thing.
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Post Wed, Sep 15 2021, 3:54 am
I also never te received a brocha my father is not Jewish and my mother who is Jewish is secular and can’t pronounce words from transliterated translations… anyhoo I think lots of Jews among us never received a brocha erev Yom Kippur so I’m like… give someone else a blessing so I give you one: Dear OP may HaShem have mercy on you and may you be sealed in the book of life and grow in your mitzvos and your relation to the Eiberster . May your children give you lots of nachas and may you give am Israel lots of nachas.
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