Dr. Brenda Kohn pediatric endocrinologist

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Post Wed, Sep 15 2021, 2:35 am
Has anyone used Dr. Kohn from NYU as a pediatric endocrinologist? If so we’re you happy or unhappy and can you please explain why? Did she accurately diagnose?
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Post Wed, Sep 15 2021, 8:19 am
I’ve used her for years. She’s very smart and patient and kind. Both my kids situations were simple to diagnose so I can’t vouch for her diagnostic skills. I liked her a lot as a person and a doctor. However I stopped using her because
A) I wanted local - I live in bklyn- endos want you to come every four months and the city is a pain

B) I wanted a place that does bloodwork in office

C) she wouldn’t give me birth control for my special needs daughter. My 15 yo special needs daughter was getting her period every 21 days and she was not good at keeping neat and clean.

I eventually switched to dr sheffer babila in Brooklyn and I’m thrilled. She gave me birth control pills for my daughter so she only gets period every 3 months

She does blood work in office and she’s local
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