V'zakeni song from BYA High School

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Post Thu, Sep 16 2021, 9:48 pm
I loved this song but never knew all the words.

If you know all the lyrics (there are a few low parts) can you post it here?

Thanks in advance!

Here's the high part to jog your memory:

V'zakeni l'gadel
banim uvnei banim
we are the mothers of the next
talmidei chachamim

our hands hold the future
for generations and years
what will become of our tefillos
our dreams and our tears
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Post Thu, Sep 16 2021, 10:51 pm
This is as best as I ever knew. It's possible I'm getting some parts wrong though Wink

As I hold my grandmother's tehillim
I look inside and see
Its worn yellowing old pages
Express more than anything

For who knows how many years were shed
To ensure that I would strive
A talmid chacham or just an erliche yid
I know her tefillos helped me thrive

V'zakeini l'gadel....

My mother hired a melamed to come teach me
How to live the Torah way
But her face showed disappointment
When he was late by a few days

Do you know, she said, by coming late
Precious Torah went unlearned
Not learning Torah is an irretrievable loss
Think of the schar that went unearned

V'zakeini l'gadel....

In my yeshiva I wondered how
One of my weaker talmidim
Was paired up with a chavrusah
Whose level was higher than his

Then I finally understood when I
Heard him on the phone one night
He said "Mommy, you can stop davening
I've got a chavrusah that's just right"

V'zakeini l'gadel....

It doesn't matter how smart a person is
For him to become great
One should never give up hope
Always know it's never too late

For people think the smarter someone is
The bigger talmid chacham he'll be
But it's a mother's strong tefillos for her son
That can create his destiny

V'zakeini l'gadel....
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Post Sun, Sep 19 2021, 11:09 pm
Thank u!
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