My boys don’t stop fighting
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Post Sat, Sep 18 2021, 5:55 pm
#BestBubby wrote:
Maybe forbid them to play together and make them stay in separate areas?

Literally the opposite. I stick them in a room TOGETHER and they can't get out until the other person is happy. Magic.
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Post Sat, Sep 18 2021, 10:17 pm
amother [ Geranium ] wrote:
Use ear plugs or ear buds with loud music on and tell them from now on there is no involving you. They can fight, you don’t care. But for real. They’ll know if you’re getting angry on the inside. Show them where there are bandaids and if there’s blood they need to help each other fix it. The more you show your exasperation the more they’ll do this.

I have twin boys and I remember doing exactly this I wrote down Hatzolohs number and gave it to them. I said if anyone gets hurt here is the number to call. It totally took my emotion out of it which made them realize they had to figure it out. I think I must have gotten the idea from Jim Fay from Love and Logic
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