Can my cleaning help do all muktzah
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Post Sun, Sep 19 2021, 12:47 pm
amother [ NeonBlue ] wrote:
I have daily cleaning help. I was told once that I can tell her to do things I can do. But she can do it how she wants. For example, I can tell her to clean the dishes. But she can use hot water. She actually uses the dishwasher because she Wants to, but I don’t Tell her to. She uses it all week and sees no difference on Shabbos or yt. I tell her no vacuum or washing machine Shabbos and yt. If there’s laundry that wasn’t finished on erev she ends up folding and putting away on shabbos. I don’t specifically tell her to, she just does it as part of her routine. Otherwise she makes the beds, cleans bathrooms, empties bedroom hampers into laundry room hampers, puts away toys and sweeps and mops.
I never told her to mop, just sweep. But she’s see it’s dirty and mop it. Must I tell her no mopping?

Lots of people already said this but here it is again- It depends on what your own rav tells you.
She's allowed to do whatever you're allowed to do so something like washing dishes is pretty simple (though also not completely simple, she can't use the dishwasher). Washing floors is complicated and needs a real rabbinic authority to guide you.
A lot of people are used to having help in the house and aren't well informed about how complicated that gets so "my neighbor's cleaning lady washed the floors and the bathrooms" is not the way to decide. (Whether you need to tell your neighbor anything is a completely different question in halacha.)
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